Ohana is a family of wellness practitioners that have joined together to welcome you to achieve your ideal state of wellness. We live what we do, knowing there is a fit for you.

Our goal is to educate and empower individuals, families and communities so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment.

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What we do…

  • Yoga Classes for every body
  • Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)
  • Shiatsu Therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (CHEK-HLC®)
  • Cupping & Moxa
  • Specialized Kinesiology / Touch for Health®
  • Meditation
  • Wellness Classes

Wellness… balance for you.

You are unique, and you deserve to be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.  At the Ohana Wellness Centre we provide the highest levels of personalized care and understanding to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We take the time to look and listen and we work with you to create a plan, based on natural health therapies, which will help get you to your desired level of health and wellness. Your Ohana is a team of specialists in wellness, stress management, pain relief, and lifestyle coaching. Through our knowledge in natural therapies, holistic nutrition, and exercise, you can expect to enhance your;
strength – health – vitality.

A fresh approach to wellness…



Welcome to the Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre

There’s always something for everyone,

from the young to the “young at heart”!

 Our goal is to educate and empower individuals, families and our community
so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment.

The definition of “OHANA” is simple… it means family, whether it be blood related, extended or community working together
towards the same goals and nobody gets left behind.

Under our roof you will find everything from
Internationally Certified Yoga Practitioners, RMT, Athletic Therapist,
Wellness Classes, Concerts, Seminars & more!

Keeping in mind that … breath + stillness + movement + sound = balance
… find your life balance



A Note from Nicky…


What to do when you have fallen down…

Life has a tendency of taking over sometimes; we all have things that take over. It doesn’t matter what it is taking care of a loved one, dealing with our own illness or changes, possibly a change of jobs, or family stuff… etc. We all have stuff.

During the times that we are occupied by others or circumstances, our bodies change, our minds change, we become overwhelmed and we don’t seem to take care of ourselves quite as well as we usually do. Then once it is time to start again, we become discouraged and not sure about how to start back into something like yoga. We feel out of shape, doubtful about ourselves and where to start? What if I no longer have the upper arm strength to keep myself in a downward dog? What if my knees hurt so badly that I cannot stand to be on them for even short periods of time? What if I have gained or lost weight and no longer feel comfortable within my own skin… let’s face it. Life can be a struggle… but we need to keep moving forward.

For me my yoga practice has been the heart of my own personal journey. It is not at all about what I can do or how far I can stretch, it has become much deeper than that. It has become an expression of me and who I am, and also more about “how I feel”.

As a teacher and as a person, I see it all the time… and getting back to something can be tough. Especially if there have been lots of changes or an illness, it’s tough to get started. But it is doable and you are worth it and believe it or not you can regain and take back what you think you lost. Maybe not everything… but then maybe you don’t want all of what you had before… One thing is definite life can be a challenge for sure.

Here are some tips to start you out… you can put this to anything really. I just really like yoga so I speak to it.

Anyone can start again… here are some tips to help you find your mat again!
What are the top tips you can give to someone starting yoga again after an injury or illness or after a break?

Remember you are not broken, nor should you ever push yourself to where you feel like you are going to break. Be kind, think of how you would treat your friend, allow yourself to be where you are and give permission to relax… its ok to relax.

Take your time and work with someone who is reliable, well trained and experienced. Your yoga practice is not meant to be a constant struggle. The assanas are to create a sense of calm rather than a feeling of force.

There are many aspects to a yoga practice – increase flexibility, but you don’t need to be flexible to be in a class this will come in time. Yoga will meet you where you are at, figure out what you want… if it is to decrease stress then yoga will meet you there. If it is to strengthen it will meet you there. Listen to what your body needs… if you practice to become more sensitive to the bodies sensations, your breath quality and pace. The emotions and thoughts will arise; and begin to offer the invaluable messages and clues that will assist you in your healing process or journey.

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX… be patient and trust that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  We are all exactly where we are supposed to be it is how we choose to deal with the situation at hand that counts.

What are some postures that a person can do when they have an ailment to keep a sense of calm?

A solid yoga practice offers a way of life, philosophy, various postures, breathing practices, meditation, restorative practices and concentration techniques that are all designed to heal the body. It is not so much about “what asana (posture) as it is about what works for you. As your body and mind changes so will your practice. It is organic, just like you.

Yoga and movement is like medicine for the body… As a prescription is given by a Yoga Therapist, the practice must be specific to one’s needs and condition. This is why it is important to seek guidance from within and without. To be honest with yourself and your yoga therapist so that you can build a practice to best suit you. There is no one posture that will create a sense of calm, as every individual will feel different postures bring on different emotions. This is why it is so important to be with a teacher that has a lot of experience.

What type of yoga classes would you suggest for a person becoming active again?

It all depends upon the person, depending what they are dealing with, both physically and mentally. I think that a progression from possibly a chair class to a restorative yoga to slow, active practices that involve a great amount of focus on alignment and therapeutics would be best. Some students have been taking my restorative class for over 13 years now and continue to find benefit. It is really all about where you are at and what your body and mind need.

Do you need to be a certain size or be flexible to do yoga?

EveryBODY can practice yoga. Nowadays, there are endless approaches to the practice that are easily available. I think it is most important to find the style of practice and teacher that works for you. In my teachings up at the hospital, I have a wide array of different students, some are even in wheelchairs. If you can breathe you can do yoga.

What words of wisdom would you share with a person who does not feel that they are in good enough shape to do yoga?

Any shape is good enough. Big, small, short, tall it really does not matter. My yoga mat used to scare me… don’t let it. Once you embrace your practice you can do and go anywhere.

If you’re not feeling in good enough shape to practice yoga in a group then I would start working with someone privately. I did it for years, because I was too intimidated to go to a class and thought that I would be judged.

Don’t listen to the “scripts” …”Yoga have to bend like a pretzel to do yoga”, if you go to certain chain stores they will tell you that there will be nothing to fit you…  The western view of “getting in shape” is misconstrued; it sets us up for failure before we even get started.

“No pain / No gain” is also how we are scripted. “Yoga is for Girls”, “Only skinny people do yoga” “Real men don’t do yoga” Scripts and listening to judgments are so damaging and it’s so untrue. I know, to change anything is a challenge. But why do we allow society and warped beliefs to kibosh us before we even get started.

Yoga is about you, it’s your mat, your practice… and it’s about “getting in shape” in a much different way than we commonly strive for in the west. Yoga shapes your life. Of course, your physical body will benefit from a practice that includes all parts of your entire being, but if that is the only hope and goal, then only a small part of what yoga has to offer will be obtained. So many times I see people join in and then realize that it is not just about physical exercise it is so much more.

Other tips?

Yoga is a practice to get to know one’s true self. It helps to bring us back to our central balance point, to our true nature of who we are and what we believe and feel. Establish and find the will to practice and the way will be laid out before you for your taking!

 Yoga will meet you where you are at… First you take yoga – then yoga will take you!




March 9 to April 25, 2015

Join us anytime we can pro-rate the fee…. not sure if our classes are for you… give us a call and try one out! There is something here for everyone.

Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre
1436 Main St N Callander ON P0H 1H0
For more information… 705 752 0294

10:00 am Yoga & You – Reconnecting with Yourself (90 min) Mary
5:30 pm Yoga Ball & Roller Tune-Up “Pre-class warm-up” (25min) Nicky
6:05 pm Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) Nicky

10:00 am Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) Nicky
1:30 pm Chair & Wall Yoga, for those who need to stay off the floor (60min) Nicky
6:00 pm Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow – brings a bit of a sweat on! (45min) Nicky
6:00 pm Yoga for Men… YES an all men’s class (90min) Darren
7:00 pm Finding Your Path – self discovery class (not a yoga class) (60min) Nicky

10:00 am Yoga Ball Tune-up, release pain & stress – full body release (60min) Nicky
5:30 pm Yoga Ball & Roller Tune-Up “Pre-class warm-up” (25min) Nicky
6:05 pm Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) Nicky

10:00 am Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) Nicky
6:00 pm Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow – brings a bit of a  sweat on! (45min) Nicky
6:00 pm Omgym – Suspended yoga (70 min) Darren
7:00 pm Yoga 4 Kids (45 min) ages 8-12
7:15 pm Zumba for everyBODY (60min) Shannon

10:00 am Yoga & You – Reconnecting with Yourself (90 min) Mary

9:30 am Yoga Ball & Roller Tune-Up “pain & stress release technique” (25min) Nicky
10:00 am Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) Nicky
11:50 am Yoga 4 Teens (ages 12 to 19) – Breath, Strengthen & Unwind (45min) Nicky

Click to download schedule   March Schedule 2015




2015 YOGA Session Fees

1 class X 7 wks $98.88
2 classes X 7 wks $171.96
4 Week Unlimited Pass $150.00
7 Week Unlimited Pass $2576.93
Cost on unlimited classes based on
attending at least 3 classes per week.

New student introductory pass 4 weeks unlimited $75.

Mon, Wed or Sat Special
2 classes back to back
1 x 7 weeks $125.50

Yoga 4 Kids & Yoga 4 Teens 1×7 $79.10 *** no student discount,
classes have been already discounted to $10.00 per class.

Yoga Ball Tune-up series $60.00 unlimited 7 week pass

Drop In $15.00 – flat fee
student or senior rate does not apply

(regular rates based on $12.50 each class)
10% discount for Students & Seniors

* All listed prices include HST

Next Karma Week (Free Week)
April 27 to May 2



Follow the Karma Week Schedule
7 Week Schedule Starting from
May 4 to June 13th
*** New Classes! check out the schedule!
Any time is a good time to start…
we will pro-rate your fee and you won’t
feel left behind… 
drop-in fee is $15.00 per class
For details visit
or call 705 752 0294


New Class


Yoga 4 Teens

d-stress • build strength • find balance • have fun • make friends




Ages 12-19 Saturday Mornings 11:50am 

*** Tweens between 10 to13 are invited for the first few classes if there is enough to have a second class for tweens one will be added to the schedule.


 Welcome to Ohana!

Tony Schlosser,

Reiki Indian Head Massage, Wellness & Happiness Coaching Meditation



Tony is a Reiki Master who intuitively combines Reiki with a relaxation massage of the face, hands and feet to bring together a truly healing, relaxing experience. He provides a calm, relaxing, peaceful environment that ensures the client leaves, relaxed, refreshed and centered.

“I have received energy healing from tony the past year. I always leave calm, relaxed, re-energized. Tony creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. He is great at distant healing. I will contact him when I have an ailment and within minutes I feel better. He is wonderful to talk to when I am stressed. I would recommend Tony to anyone who is suffering from illness or pain, or needs relaxation skills. I am grateful to have Tony in my life.” – C. Desmarais

Tony guided me & helped me heal my heart & soul. He guided my through layers of healing with much compassion, respect and without judgment. I would recommend tony to anyone truly wishing for deep healing to put their trust and faith in this gifted healer. he is truly dedicated and passionate about his service to others. – Anne Preston

Tony’s Rates


To book with Tony contact… 705 493-9557 or 705 493-1221 


 Welcome to Ohana!

Karen Schiavone,

reiki • intuition • sound An intuitive approach to healing.


Sometimes life sets us back, we become stuck and absorbed with stress, grief, anxiety, pain and lose our feeling of strength and clarity. Depression can also set in when we remain “stuck in our past”. Karen uses an intuitive approach combined with Reiki, medium-ship and toning to assist you in receiving a unique and powerful energetic experience. Following your treatment with Karen, you will feel refreshed, and energized. Karen’s goal is to assist you towards your path of healing and well being.

Karen’s Rates

$90.00 full treatment
$75.00 reiki treatment

To book with Karen contact… 705 492-6773 or 705 493-1221


 Welcome to Ohana!



Sherri brings a new focus on therapy to Ohana where she offers certified Reflexology and Massage.

New to the area Sherri is a registered massage therapist from Manitoba, and newly certified in Reflexology. Working in Ontario under her Manitoba therapist credential allows her to offer all the benefits of over 2200 hours of education in therapeutic massage while keeping her services affordable. This means she has the freedom to offer packages, and reduced prices. This is great for those that do not have an extended benefits plan or extended coverage for Massage Therapy.

You are in capable hands with Sherri as her extensive training is from the Advanced Massage Therapy Program at The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Manitoba. She practiced there for over eight years before moving to North Bay, and keeps up with her continuing education credits to maintain her status as a registered massage therapist in Manitoba.

Her move to North Bay allowed her to peruse Reflexology as a new certification adding to her skill set. She chose reflexology and to become certified because she felt she needed to help others as it had helped her. As someone who has experienced the benefits from both massage therapy and reflexology, She can say with certainty THEY WORK!

 Sherri’s Rates

30 min $40               45 min $50
60 min $70               90 min $100

Promo deal (1st visit): $50 for 1 hour massage

Package deals:

3/30 min $90 save$30
3/45 min $120 save$30
3/60 min $180 save$30

* Packages are non-transferable to other clients or family members & must be paid in full at start of package* Reflexology $45/session

To book with Sherri contact… 705 492 7853 or email sherrisse1975@gmail.com


Join David Hickey, Friday April 24th at 7:30pm for a 
Crystal Journey Concert
David Hickey


I Dance, Therefore
Community Family Dance
Friday April 25th at 1:30pm for a 


2-Day Joy & Abundance

Medical Chi Gong

May 2 – 3  (Sat 10-3pm; Sun 10-1pm)  $175

David Watson
May 29 to 31
More details to follow. 



Elke Scholz MA
Therapist & Award winning author of Loving Your Life
June 6 – Book Launch & Discussion
June 7 – Workshop – “Dreams Realized: how inspiring your creativity generates your dreams-come-true”  







 Loon Echoes Flute Circle

Wednesday, April 22 @ 7:00pm – arrival 6:45pm 

Loon Echoes Flute Circle



4th Wednesday of every month
gathering at 6:45 pm from 7:00 till 9:00 pm
Ohana Wellness Centre (Upper Studio)
Cost: Donations accepted
Contact: Janet 705 476 4276

Circle fee is $5.00 per month, and these funds are given directly to Ohana for allowing us use of the wonderful space and reserving it for us each month.  First time guests are indeed our guests and no fee is required for them to join us for the evening!

I hope you can join our November Circle!

Best wishes to you all!

Janet Farr Parks

(cell 705-471-6025)

All levels of experience or interest are welcome!

Download Flyer Wed. Loon Echoes Flute Circle – Poster – Fourth Wednesday of the Month



Sacred Circle Dance

with Kelly Van Raalte




Ohana Wellness Centre
Date:  Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Time: 1:30-3:30 pm
Facilitator, Kelly Van Raalte
$15 Donation gratefully accepted.

No dance experience is necessary….

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring water and a finger snack to share.

Next Dates: April 12

Please call in advance to reserve your space!

All levels of experience or interest are welcome!


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